medium (see individual senses for plurals)

  1. (pl. media) A format for presenting information.
  2. (pl. media) A nutrient solution for the growth of cells in vitro
  3. (pl. mediums) A garment of a medium size.
  4. (pl. mediums) A person whom medium garments fit.
  5. (pl. mediums) Someone who supposedly conveys information from the spirit world
  6. (pl. mediums) A substance added to paint to extend its use or modify its effects- a mixture of oil (usually linseed or walnut) and varying amounts of solvent for oil colors and an acrylic polymer added to acrylic paints. Also referred to as oil medium and acrylic medium

Not to be confused with media.

6 letters in word "medium": D E I M M U.

No anagrams for medium found in this word list.

Words found within medium:

de dei di die dim dime due dui ed em emu id ide idem me med mem meu mi mid mim mime mimed mm mu mud muid mum um umm

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